Human resources are the most precious asset. We are always looking for talents with moral character, professional ability and rich experience. Similarly, our search for talent will never end.

      Siya Investment is mainly engaged in the equity investment of medium and large-scale enterprises in mature and decline periods. As a professional institution, we are respected by enterprises and institutions for being rigorous, professional, treating customers' assets as life, and helping enterprises turn losses into profits. .

      Siya’s corporate culture enables our outstanding talents to maintain enthusiasm and interest consistent with the company’s business. The company also tailors their career paths for them. These outstanding talents can complete the improvement of customer value, and becoming a respected expert is our happiest thing.

      According to the company's regulations, all job seekers can enter the company after at least several rounds of interviews are passed. We hope to learn more about the job seekers during the interview. We care about the morality, integrity, perseverance, integrity, and correct perception of employees. And logically, we have always practiced "both ability and political integrity, morality before talent" when recruiting. After all, every word and deed of every employee represents the company.

      According to the company’s situation, the interview cycle may be extended due to project arrangements or interviewers’ business trips. We have adopted a strict screening, interview and evaluation process to ensure that not only you have the appropriate skills and experience, but also show Our culture and core values are right for you. In the process, we need to understand that you have professional skills and experience and are willing to invest a lot of energy. If you want to apply to join us, you can send your resume and cover letter to the following e-mail: