Profitable growth is the lifeblood of any company. It raised valuations, attracted and retained talent, and allowed the company to flourish. At each stage of the development of listed companies, company leaders and investors are faced with key opportunities to create or destroy value. No matter what stage they are in, whether they are active expansion or passive decision-making on performance decline, they need to break through the bottleneck and solve the problem of continuous growth. . We help listed companies or major shareholders to make correct decisions and take correct actions when listed companies are really important, help companies start growth, diversify product layout, resist shocks, expand into new markets, and look for acquisition opportunities.

Industry attractiveness and industry insights

Based on profound industry experience and research, conduct systematic industry screening, considering trends, growth areas, developments and problems

Target recognition and screening

According to industry research and analysis, look for potential M&A targets and evaluate the rationality and potential value of the targets

Business due diligence

Review market dynamics, competitive landscape, due diligence centered on business management, highlight and quantify opportunities, costs, execution priorities, and find business considerations related to growth opportunities and risks

Industrial expansion

Based on a large number of industry research, combined with the company's resources and capabilities, determine the potential direction and feasible path of the listed company's industrial expansion, while searching for potential targets, avoid random entry into the industry and random mergers and acquisitions, and help listed companies from a long-term perspective Industrial control

Industry integration

Decisions around trading are crucial. We will work urgently and unremittingly pay attention to the results, evaluate leadership, integrate organization, culture, systems and processes, develop and achieve synergy, provide operational support, establish and implement PMO, and help listed companies in industrial integration