Entrepreneurs with innovative spirit and full courage, in addition to facing the pressure of business operation and sustainable development, creating wealth, maintaining wealth, and passing on wealth are also issues that entrepreneurs have been thinking about most of the time. Based on the economic cycle, industry cycle, and the asset situation and personnel situation of the family business, Siya conducts overall planning and planning, and systematically considers succession and inheritance from the perspective of entrepreneurs

Asset combing

From the perspectives of family asset preservation, appreciation and inheritance, asset sorting and overall planning

Family governance

According to the situation of the family, the structure design and the establishment of a decision-making center are carried out to help the family manage risks and smooth inheritance and development

Asset allocation

Asset allocation from the perspective of resisting economic cycles and industry cycles to ensure the preservation and appreciation of family assets

Asset custody

More and more family heirs are unwilling or temporarily unable to take over family assets in the short-term, and help unwilling or temporarily unable to take over family assets in the short-term to conduct family asset custody

Successor plan

Family handover and succession planning are natural things, but they are not easy. The second and third generations, who are shrouded in the glory of the family, need to plan and arrange in advance in terms of succession and training, and lead the second generation to make the succession and inheritance work more stable.