CEO speech

As a professional organization, rigorous, professional, and customer's assets as life, is our consistent code of conduct, the basis of our work, and the endless trust of customers endows us with the need to help the company create value.

No matter how powerful a company or project is, it needs teams and people to achieve it. In addition to the trust of customers, the development and achievements of Siya are inseparable from the hard work of every employee. Whenever customers encounter difficulties and need help, The honest, upright, unremitting efforts and long-term perseverance personnel of Siya adhere to professional knowledge, remain objective and independent, provide wisdom and experience, and help companies solve various difficult problems. Because companies need more than funds and blood transfusions, companies need to help them solve practical problems. Therefore, while helping companies, they have also helped millions of families.

Siya's corporate culture, "both ability and political integrity, morality before talent", prompts us to care very much about the morality, integrity, perseverance, integrity, correct cognition and logic of our personnel, so that our outstanding talents can remain consistent with the company's business. The enthusiasm and interest of these outstanding personnel can complete the improvement of customer value, and it is my happiest thing to become a respected expert.

As a professional organization, we are firmly committed to helping customers overcome bottlenecks and difficulties, and help their assets increase and maintain value. We know that it takes many years to establish a strong partnership, but it may change in just a few minutes. We have been exploring "how to do better" and "how to create more value for our partners".

Looking to the future, we have a clear vision and are confident to realize this vision with great enthusiasm. Our mission is to help customers create long-term value, and build long-term relationships with our employees, investors, customers, partners, and more families. Mutual trust.

--Landing Zhang, CEO of Siya Investment